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With you in mind, we’ve redesigned the site with a new, updated look, new colors and a new logo. We also have a new tagline:

We talk healthy, but we don’t always walk the talk.

Healthy is a word that means different things to different people. Maybe our methods don’t fit what “they” say healthy should be, but like you, we believe that doing something more healthy today than we did yesterday is a good thing.

Let’s take this healthy journey together. Come talk with us!


Are you tired of being asked:

“What’s for… [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert]?”

The WeTalkHealthy Answer to What's for Breakfast Cookbook

We certainly are, or at least we were tired of questions like those.

So we developed a solution: Five Cookbooks.

Our cookbooks answer those questions with quick, easy, delicious recipes that you won’t feel bad about serving to your family because they use healthy ingredients.

 Best of all, our cookbooks are ebooks, so you can use them immediately to solve your meal-making problems TODAY.

Another great feature is the price, you can get all five of them for under $20.

That’s more than 100 recipes, for less than 20 cents each.

Why do we talk healthy?

We talk healthy because health matters and life is worth living with a body working to its full potential.

You don’t want your body to slow you down while living the life you deserve.

Sometimes that means receiving encouragement from other like minded individuals.  We deepen the conversation in the Facebook Community where we share health tips, recipes, and encourage each other. Join us there.

Food is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. Other worthy components are exercise, sleep, the gut, and how to apply these components to your life in a common sense way. If a healthy conversation plagues your conscience mind, I’ll study it for you. All areas of health are potential topics for investigation. Drop me a line with your investigative query.

WeTalkHealthy in these great articles.

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How an Eye on your Money is a Perpetual Eye on your Health

How an Eye on your Money is a Perpetual Eye on your Health

Finances can set you free or enslave you. They set the tone for your health and wellbeing. When your relationship with money is good, it spills over into your people relationships and how you empathize with others. Money cannot be the root of evil if it’s used well....

Why You Should Float your Troubles Away with Flotation Therapy

Why You Should Float your Troubles Away with Flotation Therapy

If you've ever wished you could slip into a Calgon moment and have your cares melt away you might consider flotation therapy. Floating, or sensory deprivation, is an old idea with a new name. It's really more like alone time. 40 million people in United States alone,...

8 Creative Ways to Grow Your Spirit this Spring

8 Creative Ways to Grow Your Spirit this Spring

This is a guest post by Janis Cox. Each year we head back to Canada in early April. Before we leave our winter home in Arizona we have to clean and tidy our house, cover the furniture, shut off the service and get it ready to sit vacant for the summer. It’s already...

The Best Advice from a Doctor

The Best Advice from a Doctor

This guest post is by Renee Tarantowski Baude. I walk into the office 3 kids under 5 clinging to me and big-as-a-barn-pregnant. It was Spring and I had thought I just had a sore throat but turns out it was a huge abscess thing . . . somewhere in my mouth that he could...

Give Your Heart a Healthy Boost this Year

Give Your Heart a Healthy Boost this Year

Danie Botha is a physician and guest posts about how to keep your heart healthy. February is National Heart Month. Let me explain how you can give yourself the gift of life. Yeah, yeah, I heard the sigh. And yes, it’s another “awareness initiative.” Is this really...

What is Sweet, Simple and Complex?

What is Sweet, Simple and Complex?

It's not you. Keep reading to find out what it is in this guest post by Renee Tarantowski Baude. Love? Not exactly but we do love it and crave it . . . the answer is sugar. A few years ago I went to a Forks over Knives Conference in Chicago. It was 3 days of intense...

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