afternoon snacks

It’s late in the afternoon. Lunch is over and it’s still a while before the work day ends.

You have a case of the afternoon blues and a chocolate bar calling your name.

A snack is in order.

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This list of snacks will keep you firing on all cylinders until the work is done.

Steamed or shelled edamame

Add a sprinkling of sea salt.

Hummus deviled eggs.

Scoop out the yolk of deviled eggs and replace with hummus. Dash with paprika.

Un-fried mozzarella sticks or string cheese.

Need a dip? Warm some marinara sauce.

Trail mix.

Roast peanuts and edamame, plus some air-popped popcorn. Toss with pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Sprinkle with coconut.


Pumpkin seeds. Sunflower seeds. Chia seeds. Flax seeds.  

Banana freeze.

Slice a banana lengthwise. Add peanut butter, sandwich and freeze. Slice before freezing for bites.


Air-popped or stove top made popcorn. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Melt dark chocolate chips and pour over popcorn for clusters.


Add cream cheese or peanut butter.

Cucumber sandwich.

Use hummus, greek yogurt or other “filling”.


Plain or sprinkled with lime juice and black pepper.

Non-fat Greek yogurt.

Add dark chocolate chips with 60% or greater cacao content, add granola, or, add a spoonful of jam, or all fruit.

Banana or apple slices.

Add peanut butter or almond butter.

Java jolt.

Have morning coffee left? Add banana slices or vanilla yogurt ice cubes and whirl.

Banana milkshake.

Add banana, ½ avocado, and 1 cup almond milk.


Roasted or unsalted. Option to add dried fruit with no additional sugar.

Protein bars.

Read the ingredients and look for 5+ grams of protein and less than 15 grams of sugar. Avoid meal replacement bars. They have too many calories. Halve or quarter them.

Sweet potato fries or chips.

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Place wedges on baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with chili powder or salt.

Fruit kebobs.

Drizzle with melted dark chocolate chips.

Cherry tomatoes.

Toss with goat cheese.

Apple slices.

Add a bit of gouda or peanut butter.


Plain, or with lime juice, and pistachios.


Is your favorite afternoon snack missing from this list? Add it in the comments.

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