There is so little time, and success follows an online presence. How do I do it? Should I be everywhere on social media?Really, there aren’t many options–tongue in cheek.

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Medium…

Allow me to share an experiment that I recently conducted on social media, and we’ll breakdown the results. I wrote an article featuring Jon Acuff, James Altucher, Jeff Goins, John Lee Dumas, and Dan Miller, and how to meaningfully connect on LinkedIn. The accompanying graphic has the LinkedIn icon opposing each of their last names to draw him in. Guess what? No one connected, responded, or even commented on LinkedIn, where I was seeking traction.

These are highly influential writers, podcasters and bloggers, so I doubt they are ignoring LinkedIn. I see them posting articles on various social media sites, but how can I get them to see one with their name up front on the graphic? How can I get them to notice the article and LinkedIn? It was time for a new approach. I tweeted it to each of them. Acuff and Goins each received individual tweets, while Altucher, Dumas, and Miller received a group tweet. I had opportunity to shake Jon Acuff’s hand at a book promo, so he earned a separate tweet. I accepted Jeff Goins challenge to write for 30 days. His friends email asked for a specific shout out. Go tweet “I am a writer.” So, I did, and I linked to my article: “How do You LinkedIn?” There was no response.

Something glorious started on Twitter. Tweets, followers, solicitations were alive. Can you hear that little bird singing, Tra-la-la-la-la? Someone even private messaged that I should meet them on Instagram for direct links on building a following. John Lee Dumas tweeted back and furthered the movement. To date this article has more views than any of my other LinkedIn articles. I was bold in directly linking them to my article. Perhaps fortune favors the bold. John Lee Dumas may be looking for his next Entrepreneur on Fire anywhere, so he followed too. I’ll do my best to get this tweeted out for his live chat on BLAB tonight. No doubt, I will attend.

Top of mind I’m thinking an individual has to be everywhere to establish a presence. Who has time for that? So, I went to Google and found Kate’s Take, episode No. 36 that suggested no one has the time to be everywhere.

Here are my conclusions: There is power in three. I love Facebook for social needs. It carries a plethora of contacts, can pick up organic traffic, and has a following. If Facebook was a country it carries a population of 1.55 billion. That’s larger than India and China! It’s the largest country in the world. It can’t be ignored. From there tailor what suits your needs and your audience. Twitter is where I am currently picking up immeasurable momentum. If I am not on Instagram, I am missing the new catch, although admittedly, it is still a work in progress. Make the fourth choice all about you. If you are developing an online presence four places may not be enough to develop your platform. It may be time to bring on a service to automatically post your writing across various platforms. Find your voice in your own space, develop your blog and share it. It is your social media presence, own it!