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The IFTTT Recipe You’ve Gotta Get

“There’s an App for that.” The phrase has inundated everyday speech, but it is actually an Apple registered trademark. If you haven’t used the phrase yourself, you have heard it in use, because anyone who has a mobile device knows, “there’s an app for that”. Apple reports a person uses more than 27 apps each month. It’s easy to let your apps get control of your life, and you might not know there’s an app recipe to keep them contained.

Some of the best things in life are free.

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Here’s how it works. After creating an account with email, name, and password IFTTT will show a recipe based on your preferences. It is customizable, you can create your own, or choose other popular recipes on the dashboard. You can share recipes, save recipes, edit recipes, and turn recipes on and off all on the dashboard. It’s not a recipe to ingest, but I’m ready to gobble it up anyway; how about you?

The recipe comes to your inbox each morning at your designated time. No more checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Google Drive, LinkedIn, WordPress and others.  Let’s do this! Go to to receive applet suggestions and get started.


Under the discover tab I see applets of interest. I haven’t had my hand in the cookie jar, but I can guess cookies are at play and these suggestions are relevant to my electronic appetite. It suggests news, when a bill is signed into law, if there is a disease outbreak, if the international space station passes over my house, to have Alexa do something, to send Instagram pics to a Pinterest board, and more. I can have pics sent to Dropbox or an iOS album.


The search tab allows automatically has a bar with suggestions of interest. Gmail, my Google drive, news outlets, notifications, and more are available. Beyond that, I can adjust lighting, connect blogging tools, adjust clocks and displays, and manage calendars and scheduling. IFTTT is everything you want it to be and nothing you don’t.

My Applets

My Applets is the tab where you can see what applets are active and toggle them on or off as desired. You can even partner with IFTTT and build your own customizable applet to use and make it available to others.


The Activity tab shows what services are connected and what they’ve been up to. Monitor the activity in early stages so you can see what activity you want to allow IFTTT to have across your platforms. In some cases, IFTTT can post for you if you’ve given access. Monitor all the activity here and adjust to your likeness.

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Steps for an IFTTT App Recipe

  1. Click “Create a new recipe”.
  2. Select a channel, also known as a “trigger” channel and complete the trigger fields.
  3. Choose your second channel, the “that” Facebook, Twitter, or other favorites. You will need to connect your account.
  4. Add your ingredients. Choose the action, and the file from the URL if that’s applicable. Use the “+” to add a caption, time stamp, and more.
  5. Click “create recipe” to finalize.

If those steps are too simple here’s a step by step video tutorial:

You can get NASA updates, or a notification to put on sunscreen. Sunscreen? Yes, sunscreen.

Healthy friends have an insatiable appetite for good things. Ready to create your IFTTT recipe?

The wave of technology is in nearly everyone’s hand. It’s time to make an IFTTT recipe to increase productivity and make your life easier.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘The power is in the palm of your hands’.-Allan Pease” quote=”‘The power is in the palm of your hands’.-Allan Pease” theme=”style3″] Mr. Pease is a professor of psychology, but you don’t need a degree to notice the power of a great recipe. It will keep you coming back over and over again.

How many people use the App Store? Over 100 Billion. If you use Google Play, reports show nearly the same number. Either way you slice it, that’s a lot of people. And, that’s a lot of apps being used, but the cake isn’t baked, yet. What’s your recipe to simplify the apps in your life? Is it IFTTT, or something else? Won’t you share your favorite app recipe in the comments?

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