Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. There are some who agree it is happening and others who call it a hoax. I’m not debating for, or against global warming, because I see something else at work. It is a culture of hate, and it is everywhere.  It is in the workplace, on the streets, in the schools. It divides families, tears down relationships, and is in each stream of social media. A culture of hate is brewing, temperatures rise quickly, and everyone is easily offended. The thermometer reads hot, Hot, HOT.

The original piece is a guest post and I was alarmed by the recent increase in senseless attacks across the globe. Some contend violence has always been among us. I agree, but not to the extent that hate is present today. Then I looked at a timeline of recent events: recent terror attacks.

Everything, it seems, is set on a hair trigger, and at any moment there can be an explosion.

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