The day started splendidly as sun slowly slipped its beautiful smile through my window and it made me glow from the inside out.  The warm fuzzy feeling makes my whole body smile, and it is only 6 am., the whole day is ahead. Excellent!  

Breakfast was usually a more nutritious egg and ham or sausage, but today it consisted of plain Cheerios and fruit.  It wasn’t a great breakfast, but it wasn’t donuts, so I didn’t retire my “Mommy Badge.”  The girls fought about drinking their milk, eating their fruit, they fought about anything, but everyone managed to get out the door for work and school and I was alone, so I grabbed my computer and began to write.  I opened a doc via Google Docs on my tablet, but it wouldn’t track with my the doc on my laptop.  It is amazingly simple and it always has worked before, but not today.  The circuitry wasn’t too old, I mean six years isn’t that old, except in electronic life years.  Today it puked, gave up the ghost.  God rest its motherboard.  The eulogy of the life it lead was read in review of data and picture retrieval.   

I was in the groove, jamming on my next article, listening to the the Lord of the Rings movie background music.  It is my thinking music.  My stomach was grumbling to the beat of battle music as Frodo and Sam fought to save Middle Earth.  I slid into the kitchen with my fuzzy slipper socks on my feet desperate for something quick from that large rectangular box that lights up when the door is open.  Yes, leftovers!  I snatched a couple chicken tenders and a little gravy thinking the gurgling would subside,  but it grew in intensity.  My gut grumbled as the ferocious beasts advanced upon Sam and Frodo.    My intestines lurched in unison with each leap the orc made bounding to attack. Enter Wayne’s World, “If you are going to spew, spew into this.”  Vile as voluptuous as Mt. Mordor’s engulfment of Middle Earth spewed forth, and fell at my feet.

The two friends lay still under invisibility cover of My Precious until evening.  I wished I could disappear too, so I lay as motionless as possible on the couch until dinner. Dinner was simple, more leftovers, but no chicken tenders, and I slurped chicken noodle soup while everyone else enjoyed something a little meatier.   I felt a wave of healing, as Frodo must have enjoyed during his respite at the Shire.

After the girls brushed their teeth, readied themselves for bed, prayed, and snuggled under their covers I attempted to finish the article I began that morning.  My husband ventured some work too, only to discover that his trusted laptop wretched its last moments up into existence. Recent days proved that it needed to be restored to factory settings, but today it spinned relentlessly without any restore success.   More pics and data to retrieve and another eulogy to be read.  Today everything puked. I am hopeful tomorrow will be a healthier day.