The FDA is killing us with its seal of approval on food that no one else in the world will eat. Every time I turn around I hear a news report that some kind of food has been recalled. I like to frequent Whole Foods, but this month my favorite place for specialty items appears on the list…not once, but twice.  A toxin for the E. coli strain is present in cheese. And, the Whole Foods Market brand has undeclared egg…whatever that is…in its croissants.

This month alone recalls have been issued on more than three pharmaceuticals.  Lead is in curry seasoning, turmeric seasoning, and herbal supplements.  Bread and muffin mixes have been recalled for E. coli and salmonella contamination. Undeclared egg, milk, and soy found their way into organic vegetables. And, Enlightened ice cream has undeclared peanuts inside. Nuts I tell you, it’s nuts!

It is time for some enlightenment.

Everything has a disclaimer or a warning, the labels don’t reveal what’s inside, our children are medicated, have learning disorders, experience premature puberty, and everything is coming up gravestones—that is, what we eat is killing us. If it isn’t killing us it is making us sick, The CDC estimates 48 million Americans fall ill due to foodborne illnesses each year. The FDA quietly adds a seal of approval, so that we trust what we eat, but it helps solve our world hunger problem by inviting unacceptable food to our table. When it comes to food, what doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger.

Europeans want their health to be stronger than the use of antibiotics and infectious runoff waste prevalent on weaker American farms. The 28 nations band together and are speaking out against a multi-million dollar trade deal with American manufacturers that would import chemically treated U.S. produce and genetically modified crops to the European Union, saying it will lower the standards for food sold in their countries. Europe wants no part of food from the land of opportunity.

China doesn’t want to share what we eat either. The country known for cutting corners doesn’t want our American made food. Stiffer penalties are enacted, even penalty of death, for those found violating food safety regulations. One Food and Water Watch expert says, 

“Given the scale of the distribution of poorly regulated Chinese food exports, it’s just a matter of time before a problem with one unscrupulous facility gets exported around the world and causes another major health threat”.

The top five foods China exports to the U.S. include tilapia, cod, apple juice, processed mushrooms, and garlic, as revealed in testimony to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. China exports 80% of our tilapia, 51% of our cod, about 50% or 367 million gallons of apple juice, 34% of processed mushrooms or 62.9 million pounds, and 31% or 217.5 million pounds of garlic annually. Worse yet exports increase about 7% annually—that’s a tough swallow.

The FDA adds its seal of approval to everything we consume. Without investigation, we calmly trust that they are the “good guys.” If food is approved it must be okay to consume, but the world has been growing and there are more mouths to feed than food available to feed them.

The “good guys” discreetly solve world hunger by promoting death. What’s hidden in your food? The FDA knows, but it will never reveal its dirty little secrets and we die, stamped approved by the FDA.