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How do you get flu relief?

You have the flu and you want to feel better fast. You washed hands, kept hands away from your face, stayed away from sick people, kept hydrated, and ate healthy foods, but the slimy little germs crept in any way. Maybe you even got the flu shot. Some of you faithfully get the flu shot each year, others won’t get the shot to save your life. Readers want to know, what are the best options for flu relief?

You’re thinking flu season is over, but you’re wrong. The flu is worse this season than it has been since the H1N1 (a/k/a the swine flu) virus of 2009 and it’s still prevalent.

In the U.S. the flu activity looks like this, according to the CDC.


Inquiring minds want to know…why is the flu so bad this season? Let’s delve in. Each year researchers make the flu vaccine based the viruses they think will be most prevalent. It looks like researchers guessed wrong this year.

Time Health suggests this is the answer:

How many people have died due to the flu this year?

Fortune says nearly 4,000 each week. When I hear an outrageous number like that I wonder if there’s another reason experts want people to be afraid of the flu. The skeptic in me says there is a fortune to be made by someone and they want us to do something to make them rich.

USA Today says 114 children have died due to the flu or complications from it this season.

The flu claims more than 2,300 lives in the state of Texas alone this season.

Children, elderly, and those in poor health are most susceptible to illness, and the truth is that we won’t know how many people have actually died from the flu until the season is over.

The flu is here and it’s nasty this year. And, it’s not over yet. How can we get relief from the flu with home remedies?

Herbal tea

Herbal tea with honey is a well-known remedy. Raw honey is a natural powerhouse. It contains propolis and bee pollen. Scientists prove it helpful with a number of ailments like colds, allergies, sleep problems, and the flu.

Use the humidifier

Turning on the humidifier can help you breathe better. Some essential oils or vapor can be used in certain humidifiers. A word of caution to make sure the humidifier supports this kind of use and is kept clean.

Take a “flu shot”

Those of you against vaccines will like this.

Courtesy of Danette May.

Make chicken broth

Place a chicken carcass in a large stockpot, then fill it with water and as many veggies as possible. Add garlic, turmeric, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. Let it simmer for several hours. These veggies have immunity-boosting properties and can help get you back on your feet faster. Be sure to strain the liquid and remove all bones. Drink it like a cup of tea or enjoy like a bowl of soup. If you’re able to tolerate solids you can make it into a full-fledged soup.  

Take your vitamins

High doses of vitamin C, up to 2000 mg, will help. Emulsified vitamin D has natural properties if you are contained indoors during winter months.  

Over the counter remedies

Pepto Bismol is good for stomach discomfort. And, when the flu got a hold of us for the better part of 8 weeks earlier this season we kept plenty of Theraflu on hand.  

Oscillococcinum is something we hear a lot about right now. Some experts claim the placebo effect is in full force and it isn’t any better than sugar pills. Others swear by it. It was discovered by Joseph Roy, a military physician when the Spanish flu became prevalent in 1917. Roy thought he was going to cure cancer but the reduction in the size of bacteria he saw through his microscope actually helps to reduce aches, pains, and flu-like symptoms.

If you can’t find tablets over the counter, or the flu has you bedridden, you can find them right here on Amazon.

If none of these remedies work you may just need to bury yourself in bed until it’s over. Sometimes rest is best. If you’re stuck in bed and need a laugh, enjoy this. 

Have the flu or a favorite remedy? Share how you feel better in the comments.

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