It doesn’t make sense to be active in a social networking platform, without understanding to make the healthiest presence with your profile and time. LinkedIn has the least sophisticated algorithm of the most popular social media platforms.

A 100% complete, or nearly complete, profile ranks better than one that is incomplete. If your profile isn’t getting as many visits as you’d like it might be worth stuffing it with some keywords to enhance connections.

LinkedIn recently sent me an application to test a new writing platform, LinkedIn ProFinder. It is in beta test mode, but it sets out to connect professionals with entrepreneurs who provide needed services.

Something in me changed upon receiving that application. I wanted to be wanted by LinkedIn. How cool it would be to beta test for a premier business networking site. I refreshed my profile, added a few relevant skills and asked some of my connections to endorse me. A handful responded, but I don’t think the LinkedIn light from Heaven is shining brightly enough. I want to be noticed, so I began connecting with people that mattered. I sent an invitation to influencers who I thought would shine a light on me.

Are you wondering if I was admitted into the program?

Yes, I was. Beta testing is in progress.

It is not surprising that a business platform is most successful during the work week. Monday through Friday in the morning, through midday are the best times to post on LinkedIn. Avoid late afternoons and weekends, when executives and professionals are not in the office. Some go-getters tune in late on Sunday to get a jump start on the week ahead.

My husband said something yesterday that made me offer a sweet smile on the outside, but ignited a fire on the inside. He has nearly 800 connections and he is jealous of the recent connections I have made. I have 80+ connections, but they are meaningful. If you are in my circle it is because I know you, follow you, or want to be like you.

John Lee Dumas was already a first level connection, but would others connect? Many mornings showering and getting ready is spent by listening to JLD’s Entrepreneur on Fire. You know he’s a household name when our 4 yo shares her version, “Eneneur on Fire.” Are you prepared to ignite? This morning I see that his podcast is with Dan Miller, another connection of mine, and I can’t wait to give it a listen.

Dan Miller accepted my invite. I wonder if it is because he saw that I was connected with JLD. Why else would a major influencer in this space connect with little ‘ole me? Only 48 Days to the work I love? I am in trouble because I am a week into this passionate kind of connecting. Am I a week too late? Where will I be I be in 48 days?

Jeff Goins is teaching me how to write. Don’t worry I am not exactly a guinea pig because I was an English major in college. I also have a background in Creative Writing and Journalism, so this isn’t my first rodeo, but this is the first time I felt a desire to connect with influencers in this sphere. A week ago I signed up for Jeff’s 500 words a day writing challenge. It sounds simple enough; right? It can’t be too hard to write 500 words a day, especially because Goins sends an idea in his daily email to help get started. His email solicited feedback and I assumed that it came from a mail service. I never imagined that the “reply” button in the email would actually work. I found him on LinkedIn and sent an invitation to see if he would accept. He did not.

Twenty four hours later his connect box was as bright as ever, so I clicked it again. This time I referenced that I was participating in his challenge and that I was connecting at his suggestion. Guess what? He connected!

We are challenged to free write, not polish, edit or publish any media at this point, just develop writing habits. Sir, LinkedIn sent me this application, and someone on staff wants to see something current that I have to offer. So I post. This is my teaching post.

I was emboldened to connect to Jon Acuff because I attended his Start Night in Austin, TX as he released his book. I remember shaking his hand while being embarrassed that mine was so sweaty. I felt like a schoolgirl that touched a first crush because I didn’t want to wash my hands right away. Maybe some part of him would rub off on me. His book is about punching fear in the face and getting started. I have been in his 30 days of Hustle group for two years. Recently Acuff released that to continue in the group this year there will be a premium.

What? I have been receiving your daily emails for two years and now you want me to pay for them?

At first I was offended, but I congratulate him. He took something that he was giving away for free and figured out how to monetize it. Congratulations on a job well done! We’ll see if he connects.

James Altucher is the antitheses to my comfort. I remember back to Speech class. Dear Mrs. Springer, with her blonde hair, cut into a neat bob taught us that we could speak on a subject if we were knowledgeable about its antithesis. It was junior high, but that point stuck with me. I sent an invite to James Altucher because right now his ideas represent the antithesis to my comfort. His raw, in your face style is catchy and draws me in. Moreover my husband sent me an Altucher article and it scared me enough to cause me to investigate this thinking. Will he connect? I’ll keep you posted.

Each of these individuals remembers the dedication and gut wrenching vigor it took to get started. They remember scraped knees, roughed up elbows, and sucker punches as they worked their way to a platform. As I extend my hand up, will he reach back and shake my hand, or will he put it back in his pocket? Will he pull me a little closer to a platform I haven’t stepped onto yet. Will he help, comment on my post, endorse, or even recommend me into something greater, or will he be unaffected by my meager number of connections?

If your profile isn’t getting the views you’d like, connect with relevant groups and engage in them to foster connections.

Here’s a video for additional help.

How do you LinkedIn?