Their lingo is lit, bruh

ommunication is essential for understanding and good personal relations.

Communication involves conveying a message in a way that you are understood and delivering your message in a proper context. It’s also important to use appropriate emotions and tones and to adopt a healthy communication style.

How am I to talk with my kids and have meaningful interactions when their generation has completely rewritten the vernacular?

In this age of VSCO girls and VSCO boys (that we can hope is a quickly passing fad), we’re faced with a generation of kids who seem to be the modern-day “hippies.” Girls wearing ripped jeans, oversized t-shirts, and sweatshirts, scrunchies on the arm like a bracelet, Birkenstocks on the feet, carrying a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, and using a metal straw in an effort to save the turtles. They’re named after a picture editing app called VSCO (pronounced visco).

VSCO boys wear Vans, Nike shorts, wire-rimmed sunglassed, and the bleed-over is that VSCO boys and VSCO girls both carry heavily-stickered Hydro Flask water bottles.

According to a poll taken by my daughter’s Language Arts class at school 80% of the boys are more VSCO than 60% of the girls.

I took the quiz, at my daughter’s suggestion and scored a 7 out of 11. If you want to find out how VSCO you are, here’s a quiz you can take.

When kids redefine style and trends, they also get together with their friends to redefine language and it’s affecting how we all communicate.

“Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability.” — Lobsang Tenzin

How do we continue in harmonious relationships when we don’t know how to communicate?

When our girls were young we went above and beyond to bridge communication gaps. We taught them American Sign Language before they had words to speak and read as one of our favorite pastimes and to enhance their language skills.

This new Generation Z language is beyond comprehension. It’s all sksksk and I … oop.

How is a person to make sense of this?

Let’s crack the code:

And I … Oop!

Response when one is surprised by something or someone. This means you don’t know what else to say, dropped something, or made a mistake. Ex: “I failed the test.” “And I oop!”


Refers to someone who isn’t very creative and only follows the mainstream.


A lit new song. “That beat is lit!” (Translation for all non-teenagers: I like that song!)


Slang for “fo’ sho,” which is slang for “for sure.”


A term for a male or female friend; can be used in disgust or excitement. Said at the end of every sentence. ex: “I just got a 100 bruh.” “My dog just died bruh.”


Over the top, excessive. Someone who is being overly dramatic in behavior.


Used in response to or agreement with another’s point. Ex: Person 1: “Math class sucks!” Person 2: “Facts.”


A term we recognize. An insult; an adjective describing someone who is a fake or puts on a persona. i.e. someone who lies a lot or talks behind people’s backs. One who pretends to be friendly, but doesn’t like you.


Describes something that is super, good, or cool. Ex: “That beat’s fire bruh.”


A humorous reaction. A replacement for ROFL.


When something is extraordinary or amazing.


Used to describe thoughts or feelings in a mellow way.


Another way of referring to oneself “Me too; I can relate.”


“I relate.” The equivalent of “same here.” Me too.

No U

A deflection; basically the modern version of “I know you are, but what am I?”

On Fleek

Describes perfection. “Her makeup is ‘on fleek.’”


The same as “yikes.” When you don’t really care but should at least say something. Person 1: “omg my bf just broke up with me” Person 2: “oof bruh.”


Being upset over something little or inconvenient. “She salty.”


Short for “same here.”


One person is in a relationship with another, or maybe they look good together. Their names become shipped or merged together. “I ship it,” which is not to be confused from sending something from one place to another (FedEx need not apply). Ex: “Shawnmila.” (A merge of Shawn Mendez and Camila Cabello).

*Sips tea*

Being coy. I knew that. (The iconic Kermit meme).


Another way to say you’re shocked or surprised. “I’m shook bruh”


Originating in text-speak, this is the new form of laughing; the new “hahahaha.” Kids cover their mouth while laughing so they don’t spit on one another.

Taking L’s

At a loss for something; you “take an L” when you mess up or lose. “The team took an L.”


A phrase resulting from text-speak that is one step farther than “to be honest.” It’s a term of agreement. Ex: Person 1: “Her makeup is on fleek!” (really attractive) Person 2: “Tbhhhhhh!”


The scoop; gossip. “Spill the tea sis.”


Pleasantly plump, but not fat; curvy in the right places.


Describes someone who is desperate for attention, possibly, but not always, from a romantic interest. Thirsty like a sponge, but not the need for a drink.


Brings to mind memories of negative emotions: upset, sad, or disgusted.


Describes someone who’s politically up with the times.


A high emotion, usually positive, that can be used in various situations — as a way to say “yeah,” to express excitement, to issue a battle cry, etc. You’re excited and want to sound like a screeching tire. As if young girls need another reason to screech. Yeet is also used to accompany a throw.

Watch this if you still don’t get the lingo:

Is there any hope for this generation to speak, use grammar, or spell correctly?