Probably. So, how do you make room for it?

Busyness defined: A state of unrest. Not being idle. Too many tasks to do all at once. Even a spiritual person gets the “spirit” snuffed out in a state of busyness. It’s easy to do in a state of mind and body that doesn’t rest, focus, or prioritize.

Question: Has busyness become your identity?

I bet you just shook your head or raised an eyebrow. Maybe your eyes widened as a deer caught in headlights. It’s an emphatic yes — or no — even if the no is in self-denial. We’re all busy, and we can be busy without it suffocating our “spirit”.

I want to be sure not to open a can of hot button terms, accusations, or name-calling. Let’s agree for the sake of simplicity that spirituality is different for each person. It’s not red or blue, black or white, left or right. It’s just different. Embrace what you will. As a kid, I heard a saying that sticks with me to this day,

“It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just different”.

Tweet that.

Let’s agree that spirituality is different for everyone.

Religious Spirituality

Religious spirituality focuses on a belief in a higher being. It probably includes belief in an external force, prayer, or church. Oftentimes this belief is inseparable from the individual. Whether a leader, a book, or something else, the belief shapes the lives of these individuals.

Non-religious Spirituality

Non-religious spirituality focuses on doing something positive. It gives a person peace and joy. Maybe it’s yoga. Maybe not. Perhaps it’s being in nature. The act, whatever it is, brings peace and fulfillment.

Toxic Spirituality

Toxic spirituality, as you might have guessed is harmful. Many times it includes substances, like drugs or alcohol, and is harmful to the body. Lest you think toxic spirituality has to be illegal, I suggest even exercise can be toxic if taken to an extreme. The person receives a temporary rush or “high” feeling which is replaced by a low even worse than the high.

Spirituality is different and each individual’s approach is different. Once we see the differences hopefully we can agree that spirituality gives life. It is not supposed to be a destructive force.

Our modern lives are more connected than many of us care for them to be. We are socially connected, electronically connected, connected with family, connected with friends, connected…connected…connected. When we are overly connected we are dried up, barren, thirsting for something, anything that gives us life. We’re too exhausted by busyness to connect spiritually.

Question: Are you faking your busyness?

No, not I…

I would never…

How can you even ask…?

It’s okay. It’s our secret if you are. And, you’re not alone.

A study of more than 10,000 people in 28 global markets says people overstate their busyness. The report by Havas Worldwide suggests 42% of participants feign their busyness to feel more important and 60% of participants believe their peers do the same thing. Busyness makes you look important while having free time makes you appear dispensable.

When life is smooth sailing it is easy to become unattached to a spiritual source of inspiration. When it feels like I am on the mountaintop I am less likely to connect to a spiritual source of anything. Ever feel invincible? Like nothing can stop you? It’s a great feeling until life knocks you to your knees and you realize something more is needed. How do you make room for spirituality in a busy life?

It takes intentionality.


Spirituality has time to grow when we live with purpose. Doctor Stephen Covey suggests to “live with the end in mind”. Make sure nothing gets in the way of this goal. If it is important to you nothing gets in the way until this is accomplished. Nothing. Nada.


It means spirituality has to take priority. For me, it means doing the most important things first, early in the day. For you, it may be at night. Whatever time of day has priority in your life. Maybe it’s before everyone wakes up, or after they go to sleep, or you take a lunch break in the middle of the day — no excuses. When your day has focus and purpose you make time to connect spiritually.


It is okay if you stumble, even fall. No one is perfect. Practice and diligence make this easier. Live life to the fullest with spiritual potential when you practice all three in concert. Your life will have more purpose and you will grow personally. If nothing else you’ll have great stories to tell because of your practice.

How do you practice spirituality? We’d like to hear your strategy.