I haven’t been blogging very long, so when a writing challenge requires a single subject for my blog I am at a complete loss. Really, only one? How about some personal life experiences? Life never stops, and it is full of new content, but is my life be enough to draw sustain interest? Probably not. I have to pick one subject. Hmm, what should it be? I have no idea what I am passionate enough about that will stimulate interest, and appeal to an audience over time. I was clueless as to what my topic should be until I remembered how infuriated I was when a lady visited my home recently and threatened the health of my family.  

I hated what she was doing to my family, in my home, she was killing them with food. She wanted me to step aside from everything we hold dear on a daily basis, while she dumped poison into the bodies of people I love. Love was her excuse. She wanted to foster memories that she held dear. She wouldn’t hear too much wheat, gluten, changes the gut and changes the attitude and temperament of my family. We tried to tell her, but she wouldn’t listen. Did she think the girls wouldn’t tell us about all the soda that was consumed in our absence? I cannot quantify the contaminates she poured into their bodies. Honey, if it isn’t in my pantry or refrigerator, and we don’t bring it into our house, then don’t lace bodies of those you claim to love with toxicants.

She wouldn’t listen to the warnings we issued that the girls’ heads would spin round revealing monstrous characteristics. If she wanted to be on defense, then she had to do it with the right kind of food. She had to avoid processed foods, starches, chemicals, dyes and excessive sugar. No neon orange cheese packets and noodles, please. She didn’t care that a period of complete abandon would undo our habits and dedication, causing a body to go through ketosis all over again.

Food is an important part of maintaining a healthy body, and it is equally important to take common sense safety measures. On another visit she drove an entire weekend with my daughter’s five point safety harness unbuckled. Is any parent reading this going out of his/her mind at the thought of a collision with a toddler in an improperly buckled car seat? Praise the Lord there was no accident. The point being that health has a common sense approach, and to ignore it is embrace the unintended. To invite reckless behavior into my family is to unleash Momma Bear.

Diet, exercise, and common sense are a part of my lifestyle. Each is a component to who I am as a whole. I constantly experiment with food, study the gut, and will consider anything to improve the health of my family. If a healthy conversation plagues your conscience mind, I am glad to study it to improve my family, and to help improve yours. All areas of health are potential topics for investigation. Drop me a line.

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