A guest post by Laura Peill.

This is a letter to all of those people who are at a place where it is time to start.  At a place where they know, there is a leap coming, or a dive into the unknown, or the need for a change.  Or for the people who have made the leap and then watched it fail, feeling like things didn’t work out or turn out the way they were supposed to, or the way the perfect plan said they would.

Maybe it is when you started a new healthy eating plan.  And things were going great, and then you fell off track and now you aren’t even responding to the emails from your health coach, because you feel like a failure and you’re scared to start again.   Or maybe you are gearing up to start running with a coach. And you just canceled your session for this week, not for any reason that is truthful and legitimate, but you said there was one anyway.

We have been sucked into this social media vortex of perfectionism and perfect outcomes and we don’t see the part before that. We don’t see the part where, before that, there was a start.  We forget the part, where before the pretty pictures, there were some really messy scenes, stuff that was hard, imperfect, uncomfortable and indeed, in many cases, only came after a few failures.  

We forget the part where everyone starts somewhere. Everyone starts at the beginning.

And so instead of simply getting scared by the fact that you aren’t at the end yet, or that you don’t know the success of the outcome yet, just show up.  Start with just showing up. Literally. Start with stopping the excuses you tell yourself of why you can’t or why it won’t work, or why today isn’t the day.  You are holding yourself back. Get up, go out, get going. Show up.

Embrace the suck.  Embrace that it will be uncomfortable and hard and take time.  Embrace that it might not work out the first few times (or the first 10) and that you may have to keep getting up and going out and doing it again.  But in the process, you will build resilience and courage.  You will get braver and get stronger, and you will get better.  Yes, it will get easier. But first, you have to show up.

Because the goal isn’t perfectionism. The goal isn’t overwhelming success from the very first step.  The goal is a process. A process that grinds you raw, builds you back up and pushes you down again.  But one that in that same process, pushes you over new limits and teaches you new lessons. And then lets you know why even on days when all you do is show up, that is enough.  Show up, because you are enough.

Start with showing up.

Comment with whether you will start showing up and how you will do it today.

Laura PeillAn avid runner and passionate about health and wellbeing, Laura is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, who spends her time helping people become their best self through movement, nutrition and educating on adopting a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time you’ll find her out running the trails, cooking in the kitchen or standing in front of a class. Her passion for teaching and educating is rooted in her work as a Barre and Pilates instructor and she regularly facilitates nutrition workshops and classes, talking about how to cook healthy food or demonstrating healthy habits to adopt for a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. In addition to educating through teaching, Laura is also a freelance writer, creating informational content, recipes, and resources to help individuals navigate the field of health, fitness, and making wellness-driven changes.  Visit Laura at