Realtors live to be linked in with their customers for the next sale. One recently told me, “I don’t have office hours, holidays, or sick days. I am always available”. Realtors are on the go, but at some point they must stop in at the office. What if the boss monitors internet usage for business needs? LinkedIn will keep you connected with various platforms and keep your office internet usage above board.

Facebook has business pages, but it has a strong social connection too, so the boss may not want to see it on his internet usage report. Sure, it can nurture customers into a signed contract by sharing your strengths, and open house announcements, but more than a sales post or two a day becomes bothersome to your readers. Generating content is a necessity, so be sure that only 30% is about sales and you’re not turning away the people you want to make your phone ring. The other 70% should be content of value to consumers i.e. tips for home sales, staging, home maintenance, decluttering etc. Get creative, have fun, and push through LinkedIn instead.

Twitter can be used in conjunction with Facebook, and it is accepted to “tweet” more often. Schedule your open house invite in advance and let it tweet out while you are at an appointment, or taking care of other things. It also keeps you off of the boss’ flagged usage report. Should something come up during “office hours” use LinkedIn for the push.

LinkedIn is a platform that realtors often overlook and is completely business related. Its internet usage won’t be flagged on any report. Its prestigious following is meant to develop business connections, so let’s explore its potential.

Linkedin potential:

  • Create a profile
  • Offer a resume
  • Get leads
  • Connect with professional service leads
  • Get endorsements
  • Receive recommendations
  • Use Slideshare to scroll listings

LinkedIn offers a search option on the toolbar to connect with groups.
Need to connect with realtors and professional connections? Use the toolbar search function, it is the key. A search for realtors reveals over 4000 results and includes groups of realtors. “Title company” generates 13K results, “home inspector” brings 12K results, and over 500 results come up for “home appraiser”. Realtors need results, results, results, so refine the search for desired results.

Potential clients relocating for employment are likely to search for a realtor on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not only about who is in your community, but how you grow. Here’s an example: A recruiter found my husband’s skill set desirable for a managerial position, but we have to move across the country. The job and the skillful candidate were brought together through searches and connections, but now they need a home too. They search for a realtor and find you, your resume, your endorsements. Your phone rings before they officially accept the new job and you are LinkedIn.

Develop a strong profile highlighting your skills, certifications, and biographical information. Be knowledgeable about school rankings, community assets and anything else that might bring a buyer to your area. List your locale as the biggest town near you, not the small in which you reside. Think big here, list your location as anywhere you are willing to go. Realtors go everywhere, so make sure your profile includes that potential.

Watch your network for job changes and where that person is going next. Use that knowledge to send congratulations and offer your services. If a connection is moving to another area and you know a realtor there, get them LinkedIn. Establish rapport with other realtors so that the favor is returned.

Going on a cold call? Meeting a new person can be a delicate matter. Look up their profile for some small talk advancement. Know their basic biographical information to avoid awkward beginnings.

Premium services receive recommendations. You knock it out of the park with every interaction, so be sure to solicit recommendations from clients. This is the place to connect professionally, without finding about every childhood accomplishment, or whose dog escaped last night. Best of all, it is all about business so there is no chance of ending up on the boss’ internet usage report.

Get LinkedIn today.


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