What Table Will You Sit at Next Year?

what table

Have you thought about it?


It is time to give it consideration.

It is time to put 2016 in the books.

There are many things about 2016 I don’t want to repeat. Like the loss of great celebrities.

I hope despite setbacks, you are ready to move into 2017 with a new approach.

Some of us can’t wait to move forward.

I am ready to make 2017 my best year yet, and I want to do that by helping you meet your health goals.

  • What are your health goals?
  • How can I help you meet them?

May I sweat with you?

A short time ago I recorded these, with my youngest daughter as my weight.

At the time I couldn’t lift my oldest daughter in the same way. Her jeers challenged me to try. The first time I lifted her I achieved a mere 5 reps, but I did it. I exhibited the same bull-headed determination my 5 yo does in the ‘I Believe’ post. Did you miss the story of inspiration? If so, here’s another chance. Click this link. You will learn about potential you didn’t know you had, and a lot about us.

I’ve grown, and I am stronger:

Do three rounds of those and your legs will look amazing!

I Believe in you and I want to grow with you.

The new videos, recorded this week, are imperfect because they represent life. The quality is less than perfect and I am being vulnerable to share them with you.

Isn’t life messy?

I have to accomplish my workout with kiddos, and the dog, who walked in front of the camera. I guess Bentley wanted to say “hi”.

John Lee Dumas hosts the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. He says that your first effort of anything new should be embarrassing.

When I look back next year I hope I shake my head and wonder why I ever shared them. I’ll have a workout program that’s more polished by then, but for now this is the beginning of something new.

May I eat with you?

Will you invite me to dinner?

Better yet, will you let me hack your meals?

If you haven’t heard our back story I have had to hack everything about our diet. My daughters have severe reactions to sugar, dye, and gluten. The effects are such that landed us in family counseling.

When kids act out in ways to cause people to run for cover please consider what they have eaten.We thought our girls had behavior problems, but the source of their problem was food. Kids can’t always put into words how their bodies feel, and they don’t have the knowledge to get help.

Do you need an all-inclusive meal plan with exclusions? Tell me what you need so I can help you next year. We eat real food, cut out processed foods, and I’ll help you do the same.

What table will you sit at next year?

May I offer you a seat at the table of health?

Today I received a special invitation from my friend Aram who blogs at Manic Impressive.com. He invited me to his table tomorrow night. I can’t whiz over the the Bay area, then back again to my neighbor’s year end party across the street, but I am excited to sit at the table via electronic means and wrap up the year. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and score our successes and failures this year while planning growth for next year. I am sure there will be a follow up story. Stay tuned.

Will you sit at the table next year? Pull up a chair. Let’s talk. We Talk Healthy here.

May I grow with you?

I hope you have health goals to grow next year. The holidays are over for most, so we’re not talking about consuming more food and growing bigger around. It’s time to evaluate what you want and how to achieve it. We’re talking about growing healthy together. We do this in the Facebook group often. We share stories, encourage each other and grow together.

May I grow with you in the new year?


Citing the full Privacy Policy and disclosures, which in a nutshell says never do an exercise that pushes you beyond your comfort level, and a few other things.