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Sugar is an addiction, but we can beat ti!

I didn’t realize how much sugar I ate until a food allergy test came back with a high rating for cane sugar! As a health coach I thought I was doing pretty well, until I had to really pay attention to the food I’m eating and the ones I have to avoid. Oh man, this is tough! Sugar is an addiction, but there is always hope of beating it.

– Kathy Fannon, Be Real Health

Nicole does the heavy lifting for you!

Nicole is an expert at what we eat and drink, the products we use to clean our homes, teeth, hair, and bodies, and how those ingredients can influence your mental, physical, and emotional health.

– Mike Allison, Content Igniters

Food determines our state of well-being!

Wow, Nicole! Insightful and truth-telling! Thank you for informing folks like me who think we’re eating healthy. Emotional and mental well-being is so dependent on nutrition and healthy eating. I’m linking your site to mine.

– Judy Herman, Counselor

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Sugar messes me up!

I am committed to driving processed sugar out of my diet because I can see how it messes me up. My joints feel worse, my body feels dull, stomach hurts and I just generally feel discombobulated. Tough, but I’m gonna try!

– Caroline DePalatis, Culture Weave

A health advocate for you!

Nicole Akers is an amazingly dedicated health advocate who has taken her passion for health and wellness and turned it into an incredible website. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable person, and you will not walk away from her writing without learning something new.

– Reagan Colbert, Author Roman Soul Series

Nicole is passionate, insightful & helpful!

Nicole can build rapport instantly with all kinds of people. Because of her work members are engaged, excited, active, and report increased engagement! When you work with Nicole, you will get the results you want – and more!

– Frank McKinley, Author