Today’s guest post is courtesy of Michelle Wolbaum. She has an inspirational blog at Cotton Tree Homestead. Today she shares how fitbit revolutionizes her exercise routine.

I am slightly allergic to exercise. Let me rephrase I am allergic to exercise and it is the one thing I try not to do in the day. I know this is not good. My body, like everybody else, needs to move. For me to stay healthy, fit, and able bodied I need to actually use my body. As the saying goes-use it or lose it.  

So I had to decide how I was going to motivate myself to take exercising and eating healthy to the next level. I was involved in a weight loss challenge over the winter, which really helped me to reevaluate my habits, unfortunately it is coming to an end. We are starting a new challenge this spring and I know I have to step up my game. I needed to add something to my plan that will help me focus, and keep me on the straight path of healthy living.  

I think I have found it. There are quite a few of my friends, actually four of them in the challenge, that own a fitbit. At first I was leery and not quite sure if putting a wrist band on my arm would really help. To be quite frank I am terrible at writing things down and I knew part of the success was doing just that, writing things down. So to expect me to write down my meals, is a joke. At least in my mind it is. But at this moment I am to a point of desperation on finding motivation so I will try anything.

I broke down and bought the fitbit. If you have not seen what I am talking about here is a little about it. Fitbit flex is a wristband product made by Fitbit. The wristband keeps track of your steps/activity you do. For example if I walk to the park it will count my steps. It will also count my claps or movement of arm (a bit frustrating). To be able to keep track of your steps/activity and your progress you download an app to your phone. For me that was where the rubber hit the road.

The app is the best part of the system. Yes you have to enter in the information, which I really don’t like doing, but it is SO helpful. There is a spot to log the calories you are eating. A spot for the amount of water you’re drinking. And a spot for your exercise or activity you have done for the day. It calculates the amount of food you have eaten, and the amount of activity you have done for the day to help you see if you are eating too much or not enough. It is great!

I have always thought of our bodies like a car, food in and you are active to use up the food/fuel. A car you put gas in and it runs with the gas that is in the car. Too much fuel and you will have problems with your car. Too much food in our bodies and we have a big problem with our bodies-weight.

In fact in the week that I have had my fitbit system I have lost 1.5 pounds! Usually when I don’t weigh myself every day I lose sight of the goal and end up gaining weight. I have not checked my weight since last Friday when I got back from California and I still lost the weight.

If you are like me, trying to get control of your healthy life and lose weight, look into the fitbit. It was well worth the money I paid. I know the company has many other options, and I know this sounds like an ad. But the system really does works.  

Now there may be some savvy people out there that could put together the same thing on their own. And that in itself would be fantastic. The app for fitbit is free. So if you just want to check it out so you can create your own system or just to see what they have to offer it is there for the looking.

For myself I am pretty excited.  Maybe with my new fitbit I might not be so allergic to exercise after all.                   


Written by Michelle Wolbaum

She is a blogger that loves the Lord, a wife of 20+ years, and a homeschooling       mom of 10+ years. She loves to write about her faith, family, and  living healthy life.  Join her at