A guest post with questions answered by Brian Magazine.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues.

What is a Ketone?

Ketones are three water soluble molecules (acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and their spontaneous breakdown product, acetone) that are produced by the liver from fatty acids.

Why would you want to have Ketones active in your metabolism?  I explain this best with the analogy of the automobile motor.

The automobile motor requires a good clean fuel source and clean oil to run at a premium.  Change either one of those two items and it will struggle to perform at its optimum levels.  Yes, it will run.  Then ask, why does my auto smoke, sputter and even stall at times?

Let’s learn about the fuel sources.


Ask how does the auto relate to my human body?  The human body runs on two different fuel sources too, ketones and glucose. Where do these fuels come from?

First, the glucose is produced by the foods we consume everyday. The food groups of carbohydrates (including sugar) and proteins adequately produce glucose to store and use as the body calls for fuel.

Ketones are produced in the fatty acid by the liver when the fuel requirements surpass the stored glucose.   That is what is known as “burning fat.” Or, a person can simply restrict their carbohydrate consumption, moderate their protein and produce ketones through a controlled restricted diet, even resting.

Last, let’s learn why you want to produce ketones, Endogenous and Exogenous Ketones.


Why would you want Ketones present in your body’s metabolism? Remember the automobile analogy.   Your body’s cells, organs, muscles and brain require Ketones to be optimized. Starve your body of either Glucose or Ketones and optimization doesn’t happen. The amount of either Glucose or Ketones is determined by each individual’s lifestyle, diet, professional life and exercise activity amongst other variables.

Again, how do I get Ketones in my metabolism to optimize myself? First, if your diet and exercise levels burn through the stored Glucose the liver will produce Ketones via the fatty acids known as Endogenous Ketones (made inside the body). Also, you can now consume Exogenous Ketones (from outside the body).  This phenomenon was brought to us by research ten years ago for the U.S. Navy Seals and NASA. Exogenous Ketones allow for any lifestyle and exercise levels to still engage into the State of Ketosis.

To visualize this fuel source watch this 4 minute video.

If you’ve been wondering whether a ketonic diet is right for you. Please comment with your decision.

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Brian MagazineOur guest author, Brian Magazine, resides in Newburgh, IN. For the past 16 months Brian has been biohacking, sampling Exogenous Ketones and meeting some of the most influential people in the Keto world. After meeting Dr. Dominque D’Agostino, Dr. Angela Poff, Dr. Jacob Wilson, Dr. Ken Ford, Dr. Mary Newport and Dr. Stephan Cunanne all under the same roof, an influence of better was forever impressed upon Brian. The accumulation of knowledge from these experts on Human Wellness, Human Performance and Human Cognition while supporting your metabolism with Ketones, endogenous and exogenous, has been his motivation of better. The inspiration from these mentors have put Brian on a mission for better. Better for himself and sharing better for others.